What kind of game is Warzone 2? Introducing additional new elements!

This time I will introduce what kind of game Warzone 2 is and what has changed compared to the previous work. When will Warzone 2 be available to play and basic play is free, so please check it out.

What kind of game is Warzone?

Warzone is a game where you can enjoy the world view of CoD with “Battle Royale” instead of various game rules of CoD.

Will Warzone 2 be free ?…..


Basic play free

Another attractive point is that the basic play is free, unlike other CoD series. You can enjoy it on any platform, PS4/5, Xbox, PC. Warzone is free to play on mobile. Of course, you can also enjoy Warzone2 for free.

cache system

Warzone has a caching system. What kind of system is “a system that can use money to obtain weapons and grasp the position of the enemy”.

Speaking of FPS Battle Royale, you pick up weapons and attachments that are falling on the map and prepare your equipment.

But with this cache system, you can get pre-customized weapons. If you collect money, you can use your favorite weapon without walking around the map. In addition to this, you can also call a helicopter to inspect the enemy from the sky or bombard.

Respawn system

Warzone’s respawn system is a little different than other battle royale games.

In Warzone, once you’re killed, you’re deported to a place called an asylum. There, a 1vs1 battle begins with the enemy player who was also killed. After winning the battle, you will be able to respawn.

There are other chances to respawn. In the cash system I introduced earlier, you can buy respawns for your friends. As long as you have money, you can respawn as many times as you want.

Differences between Warzone and Warzone 2 ? Will Warzone 2 replace Warzone?

From here, I will introduce what Warzone 2 is new from the past work.

Warzone is also playable on mobile…

Warzone 2 updates…


New map appearance (New Warzone 2 map)

Two new maps are currently in development for Warzone 2. One will be a large map and one will be a small map. Smaller maps are expected to be playable by the end of 2023.

What kind of game is Warzone 2
Warzone 2

In addition, maps such as Quarry, Terminal, Afgan, and Highrise are scheduled to be remade and appear.

Disappearing loadout

In the previous CoD series, it was possible to customize special skills such as “park” as a loadout. However, it has been announced that this loadout will be gone in Warzone 2.

New progression system

In Warzone, there was a progression system that raised the level of weapons as the game progressed. No details have been announced yet, but Warzone 2 has announced that it will add new elements to this progression system. The more you do it, the more new elements are added, the more you motivate the game.

Appearance of Enemy AI

In Warzone 2, it is said that bases where enemy AI appears will appear in various parts of the map. By attacking the base protected by this AI, you will be able to obtain high-level loot.

Add Proximity Chat

A system will be added that allows you to hear your voice when you are talking in the in-game voice chat, regardless of whether you are an ally or an enemy. Maybe when you’re hiding, you might notice that the enemy is approaching from the voice of the enemy.


This time, we have introduced the game overview of Warzone 2, which is released on November 16, 2022, and the differences from past works. It was an attractive game with a respawn system that is different from Apex.  .

The loss of loadouts is very disappointing, but the addition of new maps and features was a lot of fun for the game. It is a free-to-play game, so if you are interested in Warzone 2, please try it once. There is no doubt that you will be addicted to the system and world view that is different from other battle royale.

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