9 basic techniques for writing SEO-friendly articles [Must-see for beginners] 

In order to increase access and revenue, it is necessary to create SEO-friendly articles .

This is because 70-90% of access to blogs and affiliate sites comes from searches .
It is said that there are more than 200 factors that affect the evaluation of search engines.

This time , we will introduce super basic and super important techniques for writing SEO-friendly articles .

Major elements of SEO-friendly articles.


Keywords and article titles have the highest priority .

In order to create an SEO-friendly article, first clearly determine the keywords you want to target in the article .

In addition, you need to include the keyword and create an article title that catches the reader’s eye.

The article title is the first thing the reader sees , like the “face” of the article.Equally important is addressing the reader’s needs .

Techniques for writing seo friendly article
Techniques for writing seo friendly article

The reader’s needs are the troubles and problems that the reader has, the information that the reader wants to know, the desire, etc.

Readers come to your article because you want to solve these needs.

That ‘s why it ‘s so important to solve your readers’ needs and give them answers and satisfaction .

Furthermore, what kind of sentence structure will be used to solve the reader’s needs?

How do you put keywords into your articles? In this respect, the structure of the sentences such as headlines and body text is important.

In order to be evaluated by search engines, it is necessary to have referral links (= backlinks ) from other sites .

Backlinks are hard to control by yourself, but the only thing you can do with your own efforts is to send primary sources (primary information) .

Also, in order to be displayed at the top of the search, you need to beat your rivals (write better articles than your rivals) or differentiate yourself from your rivals (differentiation).

In other words, your own experiences and opinions, that is, originality , are very important.

And what is often overlooked is that the text is easy to read .

Readers don’t read articles as much as we think they do . Most of them just skim through.

If there are many characters or difficult expressions, or if the sentences are jumbled without line breaks or paragraphs, they will quickly get away with it.

In order to write articles that are strong in SEO, it is necessary to write in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand sentences that do not stress the readers.

…how is it? Have you somehow come up with an image?

Let’s explain each one in detail.


Be aware of keywords


When you search the Internet, you search using various “words” and “phrases”.

The words and phrases used in this search are called keywords in the SEO world .

How to use keywords?

It is no exaggeration to say that keywords are the most important element in creating SEO-friendly articles.

Keywords are the “needs” of searchers , so it goes without saying that they are important.

Here are some tips for choosing keywords !

•Think about what words to search for

When choosing a keyword, it is important that people searching for that keyword

What kind of worries and desires do you have? What do you want to solve ? should be considered.
This is referred to as “search intent.”

And what words do they enter into Yahoo! and Google search windows? Imagine

For example, a person who thinks, “I’ve gained weight recently, so I want to lose weight…” doesn’t necessarily enter the word “I want to lose weight.”

You may say “how to lose weight” instead.

You might use words like “diet,” “fat,” “exercise,” “weight loss,” and so on.

•Choose words with high searches


Once you’ve come up with a few possible keywords, are they actually being searched for? Check it out.

You can find out if the keyword is actually being used by looking at the monthly search volume for the keyword .

Please use the tool below to find out. All are free.

Keyword planner

Try to choose keywords with a search volume of at least 100 to several hundred.

If the number of searches is too low for a keyword, there will be almost no access even if it is displayed at the top .

As a test, I checked the search volume of the above-mentioned keywords.


° “Diet”…673,000 times
° “I want to lose weight”…60,500 times
° “How to lose weight”…40,500 times
° “Beauty”…33,100 times
° “How to lose weight”…27,100 times
° “Fat”…9,900 times
° “Weight loss”…8,100 times


•1 article 1 keyword is the basic


Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not just about stuffing your site with lots of keywords .

Use one keyword per article .
Even if you put a lot of keywords in one article, it will only crack the evaluation from the search engine.

Instead of greedily cramming in a lot, try to talk about one keyword in many words and from different perspectives .

This is because search engines prefer pages with more detail and a wider range of words and expressions about a single subject.

Focus on Article Titles


Article titles are a very important factor that affects SEO just as much as keywords.

Let me explain why from two perspectives.

How to write article title

•Search engines value the “title tag”


In many free blogs and WordPress themes, the article title is set to be described in the html “title tag” .

What is written in this “title tag” for search engines that determine the ranking of search results ? attach importance to

So, to write an SEO-friendly article, make sure to include the keywords you want to rank higher in the article title .

•The first thing the reader sees is the article title.


Of course, the title of the article is very important for the reader.

That’s right, because the article title is the first piece of information that the reader sees.

Whether it’s a list of search results or a link pasted from another page, it’s the article title that’s displayed there, right?

Readers look at the article title to decide whether to read the article .

To solve the needs of readers


Why do people search on the Internet?

The answer is simple. Because there are things you want to research, information you want to know, worries and problems you want to solve.

The troubles, problems, desires, etc. that these readers have are called “needs.”

Search engines will give higher rankings to articles that solve a reader’s needs .

Search engines are constantly evolving, and recently the accuracy of this area has improved considerably.So, if you want to create an SEO-friendly article,

You should focus all your attention on solving your reader’s needs first and creating articles that are quick-fire and satisfying .


sentence structure


•Heading & text set


Let’s structure the sentences so that multiple sets of headlines (h tags) and each body are composed like sentence B.

It’s better to divide it into several topics like this rather than writing long sentences

You can write SEO articles that are easy to read and understand .

•Use h tags in headings


Also, use h tags (h2, h3, h4…) for headings.

Like the title tag, the h tag is one of the parts that search engines evaluate.

Remember to use keywords in your headlines as well.

•First, write an introduction and a table of contents


It is helpful to put an introduction and a table of contents at the beginning of the main text .

Will the introductory text grab the attention of the reader who visited the SEO article ? plays a very important role in

Think of a compelling introduction to get people interested in the content of your article.

The table of contents is a very important element that indicates “what is written in the article?” and “where is the information you are looking for written?”

With WordPress, you can use plugins such as ” Table of Contents Plus ” to automatically generate and insert a table of contents.

Be sure to include it at the beginning of your article (above the first heading and below the introduction).


•Include a summary at the end (or


At the end of the SEO article, it is ideal to include a summary (summary, key points, conclusion) etc. to deepen the user’s understanding .

Alternatively, it is OK to put a summary (conclusion or main point) at the beginning of the article

How to enter keywords?


There are many things that overlap with the story so far, but let’s summarize the points below.

✓Put it at the beginning of the article title
✓Include in each heading naturally
✓Include it in the text in a natural way

… It’s easy, but only these three.

Because the purpose (theme) of the sentence is decided at the time of entering the article title and each headline.

After that , just be careful not to make it unnatural, and if you write articles along that theme, the keywords should naturally be included.

On the other hand, if you are too conscious of the keyword and stuff it excessively, it will also be a factor that lowers the evaluation from the search engine, so avoid it.

Include primary sources


The primary source (primary information) is the source of information such as citations .

Statistical data, experimental results, unique theories and ideas, graphs and illustrations, and so on.

Valuable and useful information that can be quoted or referenced from other sites

And the first source of information is called the primary source.

Sending the primary source will increase the number of “backlinks” that are very important for SEO, so you can expect high evaluations from search engines.

Conditions for becoming a primary source include the following.

✓you are the first source
✓Original and less similar information
✓Time-consuming research and verification
✓Be a reliable information/originator

Originality (differentiating factor)


Among the essential elements for aiming for SEO-friendly articles,

Originality = uniqueness and differentiation is one of the most important things.

In the current search algorithm (like a rule that determines search ranking),

As much as possible, there is a tendency not to display the same content (articles, pages) redundantly on one search result page.

  How to write unique content

This is because Google intends to meet the diverse needs of users on the first page .

In other words, if the SEO article you are about to write is similar to a competitor site that is already on the first page of search results,

This means that your SEO article is highly unlikely to appear on page 1.
So when you decide on a keyword and write an article,

It is necessary to check the content of the site that is already displayed high for that keyword and be careful not to have the same content .

This is very important, but surprisingly few people practice it.

Easy-to-read sentences


In fact, readers don’t read the text as much as we writers think .

Most of the time, I just skim and read only the parts that interest me.

Therefore, if the text is even a little difficult to read or messy, people will leave in no time.

Articles with a high reader exit rate cannot be evaluated by search engines.

Below are some tips to make your writing easier to read and less stressful .

•Do not use difficult expressions


Please avoid using difficult expressions and technical terms as much as possible .

If you really want to use it, add an explanation or an example, etc.

Aim for easy-to-understand text that anyone can understand.

•Fonts (characters) and decorations


Make good use of embellishments and emphasis (character size and color, markers, font type, design of various parts, etc. ) .

However, excessive modification makes it difficult to read and makes it difficult to understand the main point .

Keep your pattern of adornments to a minimum and don’t emphasize anything other than what’s really important.

•Sentence length and punctuation


A sentence is a group of sentences from the beginning to the end with “.”.

The optimal length of a sentence is said to be around 52 characters.

52 characters is just a guideline, but please try to fit within 2-3 lines at most when viewed on a smartphone .

•Spacing (line breaks/paragraphs)


Also be careful about how you use spaces .

Put line breaks and spaces after sentences and paragraphs so that the characters don’t go on for too long .

Reading is a rather stressful activity.

When you see a sentence full of letters in a row, everyone thinks ” It’s too much trouble to read “, right?

Make good use of line breaks and paragraph breaks so that the reader can read comfortably at a good pace.

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