Laptop vs Desktop : Choose According To Your Profession in 2023

Difference Between Laptop And Desktop


Computers are useful in a wide range of situations, from business use to online shopping. Broadly speaking, there are two types of computers: laptop computers and desktop computers.


Therefore, this time, we will explain in detail the differences between laptops and desktops and the advantages of each.


What Is a Laptop ?


Laptops are characterized by their portability, which can be folded thinly like a notebook and can be easily carried anywhere.

It has a built-in battery that can be used even in places where there is no outlet if it is charged. It can be used not only at home and in the office but also in various places such as cafes, libraries, etc…


Laptop or desktop




The laptop also features a touchpad. By tracing or tapping the surface with your finger, you can perform operations such as menu selection and screen scrolling.


What is a Desktop Computer? 


A desktop computer is used by installing it in a fixed place such as a desk. It must be used while connected to a power source, and the installation location is limited to near an outlet, so it cannot be used while being carried. In addition, the monitor and keyboard are sold separately for many models.

Laptop vs Desktop



A desktop computer makes it easy to create a comfortable work environment that suits you. You can use your favorite peripherals, such as a large LCD monitor and a full-size keyboard. It’s also highly scalable, so you can upgrade in the future.


The all-in-one type, in which the main unit and monitor are integrated, is also popular. The space-saving design allows you to use a wide area around your desk.


Advantages of Laptops And Desktops 


Advantages of Laptops



• Portable and Usable 

The advantage of laptops is that they can be carried and used wherever you like. It can be folded compactly and is characterized by many lightweight models.

Also, since it has a built-in battery, it is convenient to point out that you do not need to carry an AC adapter if you use it for a short time. It can be used not only on the go but also at home in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.


Low Electricity Bill

Laptops are also characterized by various measures to keep power consumption low, such as adopting power-saving CPUs for mobile phones.

In addition, compared to desktop models, the size of the LCD installed is smaller, the power consumption is lower, and the electricity bill tends to be cheaper. For those who use a computer for a long time every day, one of the benefits is that the electricity bill can be kept low.


Space – Saving Installation

Another advantage of laptops is that they can be used in small spaces. If it is a model around 13 inches, the required space is about 1 sheet of A4 paper. You can also use it by putting it on your lap while traveling or on the go.


After use, it can be folded and stored in a desk drawer or leaned against a bookshelf. It is attractive that it does not get in the way both when in use and when not in use.



Advantages of desktop computers


• Highly scalable and customizable


The advantage of desktop computers is that they are highly expandable. Since it is easy to access the inside of the main unit and equipped with expansion slots, it is possible to add memory and storage even after purchase. It is attractive that it is easy to customize according to your usage and purpose.


However, compact towers and all-in-one models tend to be less expandable, so if you are considering purchasing one, keep this in mind.


• High-cost performance


Desktop computers also have the advantage of being cost-effective. Comparing laptops and desktops with the same performance, the latter can be purchased at a cheaper price. Because the parts used in laptop computers are built into a compact body, smaller parts must be used, which is relatively expensive.


If you want to buy a more capable model at a lower price, check out desktop computers.



• Also Suitable for High-Spec Applications


One of the merits is that you can use the advantage of being easy to customize and finish as a high-spec model. Even if more power is required due to the addition of parts, it is possible to replace it with a large-capacity power supply.


Another point is that the case size is larger than that of a notebook computer, which is advantageous in terms of heat dissipation. A large amount of heat generated by high-performance parts can be efficiently cooled. The feature is that it is easy to secure stable operation even if it operates for a long time.


Should I Pick a Desktop Computer or a Laptop?


Choose Laptop If :


I Want to Carry it to Various Places And Work


Laptops are recommended for those who want to work in various places, such as at home and work, as well as cafes, libraries, and coworking spaces. Because it is equipped with a battery, it is useful in places where power is not available, such as outdoors or on airplanes.

The small and lightweight model can be carried in a bag or backpack without adding bulk. Among them, very lightweight models weighing less than 1 kg are also sold. Recommended for those who carry it every day, such as commuting to work or school.


Limited installation space


A laptop computer is also suitable for those who have trouble finding a place to install it, such as a small room or a small desk. Products around 13 inches can be used if there is enough space for a sheet of copy paper.

Another convenient point is that it can be stored in a bookshelf or desk drawer after use. In the case of models equipped with a large LCD such as 15 inches or more, it is also useful as a space-saving alternative to a desktop computer.


Those who do not play PC games or edit videos


Laptops are more suitable for those who do not play PC games or edit videos. High-spec models such as high-performance CPUs, large-capacity memory, and GPUs are necessary to smoothly handle heavy-duty work, but prices tend to be higher than desktop computers with the same performance.

Laptops are suitable for home use such as watching videos and surfing the Internet, as well as general business use such as creating documents and presentation materials.



Choose Desktop If :


Work Only In fixed Places


If you only use it in a fixed place such as your home or office, a desktop computer is recommended. Although it is necessary to secure an installation location, it is attractive to be able to purchase a high-performance model at a reasonable price.


Combining a large monitor with excellent visibility and a full-size keyboard that allows you to type lightly improves usability. It’s easy to support future upgrades, so please check it out.



I want to Prepare a PC Environment That Suits Me


Desktop PCs are also suitable for those who want to prepare a PC environment that suits them. If you choose a tower-type product, you can freely combine it with peripheral devices such as LCD monitors and keyboards.


For example, if you don’t want to clutter your desk with wires, you can choose a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you want to enjoy movies with powerful images, you can use a large 4K monitor.


I want To Play High-Spec PC Games Comfortably


A desktop computer is also recommended for those who want to enjoy high-spec PC games such as popular shooting games to their heart’s content. If the price is the same, it is possible to get a model with higher performance than a laptop. You can comfortably play 3D titles with realistic images.


Laptop or desktop which is better


Another point is that it has excellent scalability. Even if a new game that requires higher specs appears, it is easy to respond, so you can rest assured. If you want to play various titles, please consider it.


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