Global Cybersecurity Industry | IT Venture Ranking Top 10

Global Cybersecurity Industry | IT Venture Ranking Top 10

Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies In the World 


Here are the 10 most funded cybersecurity companies in the world.

Here are the 10 most funded cybersecurity companies in the world. Focusing on companies that have successfully raised funds, we can see the technologies that are currently attracting attention and the trends of the cybersecurity industry in the future.

In recent years, many companies are promoting remote work, and the protection of endpoints and secure connections to internal networks are urgent issues worldwide. With the spread of cloud apps and mobile devices, it is important to build a secure environment in a borderless network.


Cybersecurity industries



Read on to learn about the hottest technologies in the cybersecurity industry, industry trends, and global needs for secure communications.

Cybersecurity Companies


#10 Dark trace


Darktrace is a cybersecurity company that develops a range of cybersecurity solutions inspired by the human immune system. We are developing various cyber security using machine learning.

Cybersecurity Companies


We have developed not only cyber security products such as email security and cloud security but also all security-related products such as visualizers for visually understanding security incidents. We have a track record of responding to 63,500 unknown threats with our unique machine learning.

It is possible to protect all network infrastructure from unknown and known threats, from internal networks to virtual environments on the cloud.

Location: United Kingdom of Northern Ireland
Founded: 2013
Estimated employees: 1000
Funding: $230 million

#9 Lookout


Lookout is a cybersecurity company that protects all mobile devices by proactively predicting and stopping attacks. We are looking to strengthen endpoint security and provide a more secure connection from mobile devices to our corporate network.

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory firm, predicts that by 2020, 80% of worker tasks will be performed from mobile devices. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote work is also growing rapidly.

The lookout makes it possible to connect to corporate resources over any network, while constantly evaluating the health of devices connected to the corporate network. It has made it possible to achieve both safe remote work and employee privacy protection.

Location: USA
Founded: 2007
Estimated Employees: 250
Funding: $280 million


#8 Skybox Security


Skybox Security is a cybersecurity company that solves security challenges in increasingly complex networks by providing a wide range of cybersecurity management platforms.

Integrates 130 network and security technologies to collect data and provide system visibility. The visualized data enables the discovery of various system vulnerabilities and countermeasures against threats.

Efficient cybersecurity against all unknown threats through automated data collection and analysis.
Skybox Security is a cyber security company that provides comprehensive and efficient security operations by managing vulnerabilities, network policies, and more.

Skybox Security
Main location: USA
Established: 2002
Estimated number of employees: 250
Funding amount: $280 million


#7 Illumio

Illumio is a cybersecurity company that enhances security in data centers and clouds by simplifying security policies and speeding up network segmentation in days.

See all traffic flows and create real-time maps from one dashboard. Simplify security policies by grouping workloads using labels. Test under simplified policies and implement safely and quickly.

In one case, Illumio’s cybersecurity helped simplify segmentation, reduce firewall load, and save $10 millions.

Main base: USA
Established: 2013
Estimated number of employees: 250
Funding amount: $330 million


#6 HashiCorp

HashiCorp is a cybersecurity company that transforms networks, which no longer have clear boundaries in the cloud, to managing and protecting data in a dynamic infrastructure.

HashiCorp simplifies the encryption of data in transit and at rest with centralized management of encryption keys. By dividing the keys required for decryption into five and rotating them, we have made it possible to protect all data.

Automating the management of network and cloud infrastructure as well as realizing advanced data protection on the cloud, helps various IT companies to deliver applications quickly and securely.

Location: USA
Established: 2012
Estimated number of employees: 500
Funding amount: $340 million


#5 Cybereason

Cybereason is a cybersecurity company specializing in endpoint protection. Protect your endpoints with antivirus protection and rapid detection and analysis.

Cybereason Antivirus can automatically detect and instantly block all types of malware. Information about attacks is integrated into an intuitive management screen, allowing you to quickly grasp the scope of impact.

In addition, infected devices can be blocked or stopped from within the analyst’s console, enabling rapid response.
Cybereason is a cybersecurity company that protects endpoints from all threats and enables rapid response to unknown threats.

Location: USA
Established: 2012
Estimated number of employees: 100
Funding: $380 million


#4 Stack Path

StackPath is a cybersecurity company that leverages edge computing to provide a secure platform on the cloud. It can also be used as a development platform for web applications.

StackPath builds a comfortable environment with low latency as well as a secure environment by edge computing. We have deployed 45 full-stack edges worldwide with a total throughput of over 65Tbps.

StackPath’s platform is used by over 1 million companies, from startups to Fortune 50.
StackPath is a cyber security company whose mission is to realize a secure and comfortable Internet environment.

Location: USA
Founded: 2015
Estimated Employees: 250
Funding: $390 Million


#3 Sentinel One

SentinelOne is a cybersecurity company that uses multiple patented AIs to automatically respond to known and unknown threats. We focus on real-time endpoint protection.

SentinelOne uses a static analysis engine to scan files before they are executed. If malware is detected, it can be quarantined before executing the file. Fileless attacks can also be detected and prevented by the dynamic analysis engine.

Even if the system is damaged by malware, etc., it is possible to check the extent of the damage using AI and perform automatic repairs.

SentinelOne is a cyber security company that prevents time loss due to security incidents through the advanced defense and self-healing using AI.

Main base: USA
Founded: 2013
Estimated number of employees: 500
Funding amount: $420 million


#2 Kaseya

Kaseya is a company that provides various IT management, including cyber security. Supports all IT management solutions and efficient operations in a secure environment.

By integrating IT management and security and managing them within a single system, we provide companies with an efficient work environment. Kaseya’s solution allows you to manage endpoints and monitor your network at the same time.

By combining single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, we achieve both operational efficiency and a secure environment.
Kaseya is a company that provides IT management solutions and cyber security with a focus on simplifying IT.

Location: Ireland
Founded: 2000
Estimated employees: 250
Funding: $540 million

#1 Netskope

Netskope is a cybersecurity company that provides visibility into network access and protection from all threats, regardless of the device from which it is accessed.

Netskope built data-centric cloud security for the proliferation of cloud apps and mobile devices. Protect users and data by tracking all data published in the cloud and sent to personal devices. It provides high-speed cloud security and does not interfere with comfortable communication.

We are a cyber security company that supports the spread of cloud apps and mobile devices and provides security that meets the needs of the times.

Location: USA
Founded: 2012
Estimated Employees: 500
Funding: $740 million

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