Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog in 2023?

Which service should you choose to monetize your blog?


Blogs are widely used as a tool to increase income as a side business. It can be said that it is attractive that you can start as soon as you have a computer. Some people who make a living from blogging have a personal computer and write at cafes. Blogs are known as a tool that allows you to work without being bound by time or place.


Methods to Monetize your blog


However, even if you start a blog, there are a wide variety of blog services that are being developed. Which service is the most profitable is a big problem for blog beginners. Therefore, in this article, we will classify the currently used blog services into three categories and thoroughly compare them from the perspective of monetization.


To Monetize Your Blog

If you want to monetize your blog, first understand how to monetize, not blogging services. Therefore, we will check what methods are effective for earning revenue and explain the major differences between the blog services that are used.


Find Out How To Monetize ?


There are three types of monetization methods. Advertising revenue, affiliate revenue, and revenue from content sales. Let’s quickly review each.


Advertisement revenue is the income obtained according to the number of clicks on the advertisements posted on the blog using Google Adsense etc. The more PV your blog has, the more likely it is that you will make money.


Affiliate revenue is revenue from performance-based advertising. Advertisements handled by a dedicated site will be posted on the blog, and revenue will be generated by concluding a contract. You will need writing skills that lead to purchases.          

Revenue from content sales is the revenue earned from the sale of independently produced products and know-how as commodities. Because it is made independently, it is characterized by being able to compete in the field of specialty and setting the price by yourself. However, it is a field that requires various factors such as personal influence and writing ability.


Three Classifications From The Perspective Of Monetization


Broadly speaking, blogs can be divided into two categories: paid blogs and free blogs. Let’s take a look at the differences between each.

Paid blogs, as the name suggests, require money to use. “ WordPress ” is one of them, and it is characterized by its richness of functions.

You can easily start a free blog, such as BLOGGER, Wix, etc. In addition, “note”, which has been increasing in users recently, is also being developed as a blog service from a unique perspective.



In this article, from the perspective of monetization, we will reclassify blogs into three categories: paid blogs, free blogs, and notes.



• Paid Blogs Are Highly Profitable And Flexible  


“ WordPress ” is a representative paid to blog. Since many bloggers use it, it is essential to understand profitability. We will introduce it while comparing it with other services.


How to Monetize wordpress



• Highly Scalable And Flexible Site         Designing is Possible 


The advantage of paid blogs is the abundance of features. It is possible to customize the design to your liking and build a blog that matches the content of each message. Since you can pursue the convenience of the site, you can improve the comfort of the user’s use by yourself.


To make money, you need to attract people to your site. Paid blogs such as “ WordPress ” have more measures such as SEO compared to free blogs. The more people you attract to your site, the greater your chances of earning.

You can also choose from a wide range of monetization methods. In particular, WordPress has a large number of users worldwide, so it is easy to obtain operational know-how by searching. It can be said that the fact that useful information is available almost free of charge is advantageous in promoting monetization.


• Expensive To Run


The downside of paid blogs is that they are expensive. Unless you are serious about blogging and have a goal of making a living, beginners who want to start monetizing, for the time being, may be reluctant. It may take time to open a blog, and the hurdles may seem high.

However, the cost for personal management is about  $100 to $500  which is a reasonable price range, so you can receive benefits that are not available with free blogs by paying a small cost.

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