5 Types of Websites/Blogs That Rank on the Google Front Page

How to Rank your Website?


For most bloggers/webmasters, ranking your website on Google’s front page is the key to driving most of your traffic on Google. In the process of ranking their page on the Google front page, they tend to do a lot of practice (SEO/SMO). In this article, I’ll explain the different kinds of blogs/websites you can find on Google’s front page and why.

According to Google, we want to display the most relevant content possible at the top of our search results. In the process, they developed many algorithms. However, the algorithm is still not perfect and needs to be modified.

This article can help you understand the different types of blogs found on Google’s front page and why.


Category # 1. Google News website


As you may have noticed most of the time when you search for news topics or trending topics, the News section tends to appear at the top of Google search results. Most of this section is occupied by large news channels and websites of large media companies.


What kind of Web pages are favored by Google?


This website has advantages and drives huge traffic in the Google News section. There are a lot of news websites popping up every day, but not all of them last very long. Only websites with high-quality content will last long in the news section. If your site is approved, even if it doesn’t push high-quality content, it will continue to appear on Google News, but if your site doesn’t push high-quality content in bulk, your news visibility will decrease.

News sites now receive a lot of traffic, so they tend to gain a lot of authority over time. So, these news sites, as well as the news section, will likely rank above all others in organic results. Competing with such sites is very difficult. Also, most Google updates favor these sites and you can see their rankings rise every day. So these kinds of websites stay on Google’s front page for a very long time.


Category #2. Honeymoon Effect Website/Blog


Some people know it and some may be hearing it for the first time. It has the effect of “ honeymoon ” in SEO language. A blog going through this stage ranks very well for no reason. The blogger/webmaster thinks he may have done something magical and wants his site to rank well. But the truth is, it’s just a step that almost every blog/website goes in. This is a kind of opportunity for Google to show webmasters their work at the top of the search results.

However, these blogs will rank lower over time if webmasters/bloggers do not push quality content that can drive organic backlinks. Most bloggers tend to fall into this trap. Once your site enters this stage, you will start filling your site with full keywords to take advantage of this stage later. Sometimes the site gets penalized and the webmasters don’t know why the site is ranked and why they are penalized.

All blogs go through this phase and should be utilized appropriately. Otherwise, you tend to ditch your old blog, start a new one, and repeat the cycle.


Category #3. Spam Sites with Thousands of Spam Backlinks


Some webmasters tend to build too many backlinks, especially by blog comments, directory submissions, forum postings, etc., which is considered spam according to Google.

5 Types of Websites/Blogs That Rank on the Google Front Page


These blog rankings tend to improve gradually and reach a stage where your articles reach the front page. However, it is more likely that these blogs will start to slowly decline or that Google will completely de-index these blogs from Google’s listings.

So even these sites don’t rank well enough.


Category #4. Smart Backlink Strategy Website/Blog


Link building of any kind is considered spam by Google. So even the smart ones at building backlinks are undoubtedly spam. However, some bloggers have a good understanding of search algorithms and create very few links, but tend to build very strong links, such as getting links from high PR blogs, sitewide, high PR directories, etc. These blogs frequently get high rankings.

But no matter how smart you are, Google will one day find your blog and punish you. The good thing is that Google took the time to identify these blogs and the bloggers/webmasters must have made a decent income from them. The worst thing is that everything he has been doing lately will be in vain and he will have to start all over again which he thinks is not a wise choice.


Category #5. Truly Content Rich Blogs


This is what Google wants at the end of the day. These bloggers thrive on providing value to their readers and are committed to creating great content for their readers. They don’t focus on link building, they work out how to get backlinks with good content. This is a time-consuming process and bloggers/webmasters need to show a lot of patience for this to happen. These blogs will gradually gain organic backlinks and tend to rank on Google’s front page one day.

These blogs are not penalized in most cases. However, while there is evidence that Google penalizes even genuine blogs/websites, nothing happens to such blogs if webmasters are aware of the updates going on in Google’s search algorithm. This blog lasts long enough on Google’s front page and organic traffic grows exponentially every day.    

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