Most Iron Maiden Tattoos

Marcos Motolo joins RankBrasil with the highest number of Iron Maiden tattoos. He has about 53% of the body tattooed with figures referring to the British group. The first was made in 1999.
According to the record holder, all drawings were made in three dimensions and are not filled by option. “I had seen people with their body very painted and the color prevented seeing the image completely. You could not see the details. So I chose not to color. In this way, it does not change my anatomy. ”

The tattoo artist born in Cornelio Procopio, in Paraná, received the title with great joy. “It’s cool why RankBrasil is highly regarded. This achievement shows that everything we have done has not stopped. It’s a reward for us. It shows that it was not in vain. ”
For now, the fan does not intend to make new marks. However, he does not rule out the possibility if his record is threatened. “There are two people trying to get past my number of tattoos, one person in Hungary and another in Europe. If they get too close, I’ll do more. ”

It was still at school, at age 9, that Motolo fell in love with the heavy metal ensemble. “I met the band because of a friend from Japan who showed me a magazine. Here in Brazil was not yet known. It caught my attention that name that looked like a puzzle with the geometric letters. I looked and I began to hear. ”
Most of the tattoos on Marcos Motolo’s body depict Eddie the Head, the mascot of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. – Disclosure: RankBrasil
As time passed, the passion only increased. In the year of 1995, it created a fan club in São Paulo called Piece of Maiden. In 1998, he recorded his son with the name of bassist and founder of Iron, Steve Harris. He participated in the documentary ‘Flight 666’ in 2009. Film that showed the backstage of the first part of the world tour Somewhere Back In Time World Tour by five continents, with 23 presentations during 45 days. He attended shows in 92, 94, 96, 98 and 2004. This year he intends to attend the presentation at Rock in Rio.

Motolo has already tried to auction his own skin and received a $ 36 million offer. According to him, the unusual offer was made by a Japanese company that wanted to embalm his body and leave it exposed at the headquarters of the organization.
This “auction” was not finalized just because the sale of human organs and tissues is illegal. Forbidden by the Federal and Foreign Police.

In the 70’s, Iron Maiden came about when punk bands dominated the music scene in England and Europe. It is one of the main bands of the musical movement that became known as New Wave of British Heavy Metal. With fifteen studio albums and six live albums, nearly 100 million copies were sold worldwide.

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